Spiral Bevel Gears

Spiral Bevel Gear Set

Ground Tooth Spiral Bevel Gears

We have a wide range of spiral bevel cutting, finish grinding and grind from solid capabilities. Rave Gears and Machining can produce your spiral bevel gears, whether it’s a high volume low precision gears or critical high performance spiral bevel gear set. Please review this chart below:


Spiral Bevel Gear Size Capacity

Max Diameter: 23.5”
Number of Teeth: 5-200
Max Face Width: 4.0”
Types: Ground and Un-ground



  • Aerospace Quality from start to finish. We are AS9100 Certified.
  • High Grade Aerospace Alloy Steel


  • Grind From Solid Gear Manufacturing Process that greatly increases precision and consistency
  • Greater than 98% efficiency


  • Our Gears produce almost no noise and heat. This means MORE HORSEPOWER transfer!
  • Every Bevel Gear is developed and manufactured using the latest KIMOS/KOMET and GAGE/CAGE Engineering Software to ensure the highest performance and Reliability.

Ground Tooth Spiral Bevel Gear